For every sin, do i need to go to a priest for repentance?

I have found it difficult to always go for Holy Communion after examining my conscience and find that i sin every hour through my words, thought and deeds. i am not in position to see a priest every hour, therefore i fear to go for Holy communion with ever my dirty lips.

We only are obligated to confess prior to communion if we are guilty of a mortal sin.

Baltimore Catechism:

  1. What is necessary to receive Holy Communion worthily?

To receive Holy Communion worthily it is necessary to be free from mortal sin, to have a right intention and to obey the Church’s laws on the fast required before Holy Communion out of reverence for the body and blood of Our Divine Lord. However, these are some cases in which Holy Communion may be received without fasting.

(a) Venial sin does not make us unworthy of receiving Holy Communion…

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