For Fiction Writers in College or Future Ones

At my website, I try to help aspiring writers by reviewing mostly short stories published on the internet. Each one of these reviews takes me six hours to write, edit and then post onto the site. This does not include, of course, the preparation time of searching for review material and reading. I now have thirty-three reviews up, so if one cares to do the arithmetic, then no one can justly ever accuse me of only being interested in promoting my own work to the exclusion of others.

I don’t make a cent from writing and there are no ads on my website or a PayPal account pitch for donations. On rare occasions, I’ll recommend a book that does cost money, but I receive nothing in return for it and have no association with the authors. For example, if anyone here is concerned about the subject of school bullying, on my Welcome Page I recommend an inexpensive book that I consider to be the best work on the subject I have yet encountered.

In that light, my latest review is of a print anthology edited by a writing teacher at Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio. The anthology consists of thirteen short stories written by college students. His idea is to present an annual (I believe) anthology in which aspiring writers in college can showcase their work. He projects the book to be the first in a series and hopes to expand the number of participating universities and colleges for future editions.

If anyone reading this is an undergraduate college student in a writing program, you might be interested in checking out my review which will give you an idea of what the editor is looking for and how to contact him if your writing department at your college would possibly be interested in participating and submitting stories for consideration.

Here is the URL for the review:

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