For Gabby...Possible Liver problem


My 8 month old Bichon puppy, has started having health problems. She has had 2 small seizures, and has allergies. The liver test came back with a bad test result. :frowning: More test’s next week to see if she has liver failure.

St. Francis please intercede.

I know it’s just a dog, but I love her and she has been great company since my husband died. :crying: :crying:


I hope your little puppy will be OK. I know that pets can be a great comfort for people who live alone. God bless you.








St. Francis please intercede.

Dear Lord, please hear the prayers of St. Francis joined to our own…




Praying for your puppy…


Thank you…she is at the vet getting further tests today. :frowning:


Ohhh man. I will pray that little Gabby is ok. I know that she is a good companion for you.


The vet say’s her liver is fine. He thinks the seizures were caused by her heartworm meds. He is going to change her med’s if it happens again next month. Gabby say’s Thank you for your Prayers.:smiley:


God can heal all things…even the smalles of creatures!!


Aww, give her a big cuddle and a puppy smooch for me and tell her she’s very welcome and I’ll pray for her continued health :yup:





Father you were kind enough to give companionship through Gabby and so we ask that you would sustain her in health. You are creator of all dear Lord, please bring your healing to this situation.

I have had extremely close ties with animals during trials in my life. It seems that you are inseparable and that your heart just cannot take any more pain. Jesus bring also peace and grace to this woman that she may continue to seek comfort with You whenever she may feel extremely alone.

Oh, I hope Gabby is better soon.


She is just the cutest thing. Cant wait to see her with her birthday bonnet on.


Praying for Gabby, Maggie!!!..I am not a big fan of heartworm meds. They are poisonous…Your sweet little girl may not be able to handle them at all. She’s just a doll!!


Right now she is eating the fallen branches from the locus tree…:rolleyes: She is a pill…but I don’t like HW meds either. I don’t know as I will give her any any more. She is an inside dog except for potty time in the fenced back yard.


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