for God to give me hope and restore joy

Please ask Jesus to restore my joy and give me hope in suffering.

Grant me Your Spirit

Holy Spirit, I need wisdom, discernment and unconditional love. Will You share Yours with me? Help me to persevere in these necessary virtues, even where there is wounding within me greater than anyone is aware.

Help me to carry my daily responsibilities with faith and hope, and mindful of Your command to love God above all and others as self, in Sacramental worship and with practical acts of kindness.

Help me to find healing for injuries and scars that prevent me from fully becoming the person I am created to be. Come into my mind and soul, and help me through the rest of my life.

I need You, Holy Spirit. Please access the gifts and beauty of my unique creation in God’s image. For others’ benefit and for Your glory, give me a deep appreciation and use of the goodness, loveliness joy and blessing of this creation that You mean me to be.

I’m sorry for your suffering, and will remember you in my daily prayers. God bless. :slight_smile:

Praying hard.

May our Lord grant you and increase of faith, hope and love. May he grant you peace in suffering and joy in being a child of his. May you wait patiently upon him with hope and confidence in his help. Amen.

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