For Grandfather who is hospitalized


Grandfather has been admitted to hospital…

They don’t know what is wrong with him the hospital is keeping him for observation.

He went because he was having pain in the arms, behind the ears, and chills.

Please just keep him in your prayers

Thank you and God Bless



update: Drs. believe that he may of had a stroke.

Please keep him in your prayers.

Thank-you and God Bless


Update: I’m now being told by some relatives that he had a heart attack; others are saying no it was a stroke. (So I really don’t know what is going on…other then he’s in the hospital)

None of the test results are back…

The Dr’s just took him down for a cat scan because his lungs sounded “tight”.

It looks like he’ll be in the hospital over the weekend.

I have not been to see him. I’m hoping to be able to do that tonight or tomorrow.
(I’ve got young children and the part of the hospital he’s in has a rule: “No young children”.)

Thanks again for all the prayers



May God grant your grandfather ease of heart and mind, and a quick recovery and good health. Amen! :slight_smile:


Update: I’ve been to the hospital to see him.
His doing “good”… He seems fine; but I’ve noticed his coloring doesn’t look right… He looks almost gray in color.

He’s having an ANGIOPLASTY done sometime tomorrow (Monday). At this point no one knows when tomorrow (Monday) the Angioplasty will be taken place.

He is hoping early morning, this is because come midnight no food or drink until after the angioplasty is done.

Thanks for all the prayers


The Angioplasty did not go as plan.
Drs found the blockage but where unable to use the balloon to compress it.

Therefore he now needs open-heart surgery.

He is schedule to have surgery Wednesday, we are unsure what time. It will be “one” by-pass.

There is a blessing in all of this… there is NO scar tissue or damage to the heart.
We are thanking God for that.

Thanks for all of your prayers



His open heart surgery will begin at 1:00 pm today (Wednesday)
(It’s now going on 9:00 AM Wednesday Morning here)

Thanks for the prayers


update: Surgery yesterday went well. He was in and out of surgery less then 2 hours. He’s still in ICU recovering. (They are going to move him out of ICU sometime late today)

This morning he had already ate breakfast, som hot rice cereal, rice-bread toast and a banana. Grandpa has Celiac Disease and is on a wheat-free/gluten free diet. So the rice ceral and rice-bread toast have nothing to do with his heart.

Those here on CAF that know about Celiac Disease already know what kind of limitations he already has for diet. I don’t know if he’ll have even more due to his heart condition now or not.

This has not been easy for him… espiecially because of his age (He’s 73) Thanks again for all the prayers.


Prayers for your grandfather - may he continue to mend and quickly recover his health :signofcross:


I just ran across this thread. It sounds like your grandfather and your family has been through a lot this week. I will pray for all of you.


Thanks for all the prayers…

Grandpa is doing well he’s in a private room now and out of ICU.

Yeah, this has been a tuff week for me…

All of this brought back flash backs of my Dad. He had a heart attack in 2001 that left him in a comma until he died in 2004.

Not to mention that my Mom’s Dad (Maternal Grandpa) had a heart attack in 2003. Mom herself had a heart attack this past June; and now my Paternal Grandpa this week.

The lowest moment this week for me was 2 hours into surgery the family got told to go into the counseling room and the Dr. would be there to talk to the family with in 15 minutes. The last time I was told to go to a counseling room was with my Dad and the news was not good. With Mom they never did that with us; and my Maternal Grandfather lives several states away so I was never directly involved with that.

Being told to go to the counseling room was the worst part because it brought back memories of my Dad and all I kept thinking was they told us surgery was going to be 5 hours long it’s been only 2 hours. As you can imagine I was thinking the worst.

However, the Dr came in and told us that the surgery was done and successful. So the relieve that came to me was unreal. I was so thankful at that point.

So yes, he’s doing well now resting in a private room. We are being told that he’ll be able to come home sometime next week.

Thanks for all the prayers and God Bless



Granpa is doing well. He’s home now! Recovery has been going good. Thanks for all the prayers. :slight_smile:


I’m glad he’s doing well.




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