For Greater Glory - The movie - June 1st

**“For Greater Glory”

Opens Nationwide on June 1, 2012

For Greater Glory Offers Lessons in History, Catechesis

A Film About Mexico’s Fight for Religious Freedom

By Edward Pentin

ROME, MARCH 22, 2012 ( It’s one of Mexico’s most expensive movies ever made, with a cast of Hollywood greats. Yet unlike many relatively big budget films about the Church, this one unusually approaches the Catholic faith with seriousness, respect and sensitivity.

Starring Andy Garcia and Peter O’Toole, “For Greater Glory” is a compelling war film based on the true story of the Cristero War – a conflict caused by the brutal government crackdown on the Mexican Catholic Church in the 1920s.

Beautifully shot across the plains of northern and central Mexico and accompanied by a stirring soundtrack by Hollywood composer James Horner, the movie takes the audience through the harrowing violence and suppression of the Church in Mexico during that time. A largely unknown conflict – even to Mexicans – the movie also doubles as a valuable educational tool on this dark chapter in the nation’s history. Continued at:

The June 1st release in the US is particularly timely in that it comes at a time when religious freedom, especially for Catholics, is being attacked in America. This movie is a wake up call to all Christians, not just Catholics. If the Obama administration can suppress the Catholic Church in America, then there is little hope for other Christian denominations, and ultimately, freedom for all Americans will become a faded dream of the past. Obama must be defeated in November.

Make no mistake; this movie may be an ominous warning of things to come in America if Obama is reelected. He is working very hard at stealing the election using every illegal means possible. A recent Fox News Report shows voter fraud is still rampant and there are people and forces determined to steal the election for Obama and the Democrats.

Also see the NDAA Martial law act Obama signed New Year’s Eve.

See for updates.

I can’t wait for this movie!!! Just saw it in my KoC magazine. Looks great!!!

I thought it was called by a different name though?

It was released as “Christiada” in the Spainish version in Mexico, etc.

I saw the trailer to this a while ago, and just watched the actor from the movie on EWTN. I also cannot wait for this film!!! I don’t want to sound over the top, but this is the biggest “Christian” movie since Passion of the Christ. And, it may not ring as powerfully as the Passion, but I think it will still be very powerful. I hope to see it with both my family and with friends. And, I think we should get the word out to our priests.

This is especially relevant considering the HHS mandate and the protest called by the Bishops. So, this is a movie that as many Catholics and Christians should see as possible.

A handful of people who have seen the film have posted short reviews at The reviews are favorable.

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