For help from St. Maria Gorretti


Last year on 5th July, the day before her feastday, St. Maria Gorretti granted me a very loving favour…and this year I need her help with something else. So please pray that she will help me again…thanks!


St Maria Goretti, who defended your purity with your life at so young an age, and whose love for God let her die from multiple stabbings rather than to submit to sin, please pray for this sincere person’s intentions.
Thank you, little saint.


St. Maria Goretti, pray for the OP. :crossrc:


Dear St. Maria Goretti, last year you granted ICome4Help your intercession to his/her prayers. Please grant him/her your intercession with this newer request and let ICome4Help find in you a beautiful and powerful intercessor, who bestows favors most generously. Amen.


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