For husband and sick son going to hospital


My 4 yo asthmatic son had a sudden flare-up and is on the way to the hospital. Compounding the fear is that we are in the grip of a huge winter storm and driving conditions are very treacherous, the hospital is at least 15-20 mi away.

Please pray for healing and safety.

Thanks to all-

I am praying, may they both reach the hospital soon and safe and may your son recover completely from this asthma attack.

May our Loving Mother embrace you tightly and surround you with her love and peace.


jennifer, we are getting hit by the storm as well.

You and your family are in my prayers. :gopray:

LORD Jesus
Heal and Protect ur children

I’ll remember you both and all who are endangered and inconvenienced by this weather at Mass this evening (late Saturday evening here)

Jennifer I ask Jesus to accompany your little boy to hospital, to keep him safe, to reassure him, and to help him heal.
I ask Him to give you reassurance and peace.

Please God your little boy will be home safe soon

I pray that your son heals.

~~ God Bless.

Prayers, definitely.


Praying all going well this Sat am…

Dear Lord, please be with Jennifer, her son and family at this time. Bless her son and grant him healing and relief from his asthma- Watch over and protect them and enable the doctors to work to the best of their ability. Unite this family to you, Jesus- increase and bless their love for each other and for you


Thank you all for your prayers. If you could please continue to pray for us.

Son went to hospital twice last night, and husband is just exhausted. He’s been up past 24 hours. I’m going to have to go to “town” to get prescriptions with the other kids so DH can sleep, the weather service is advising against all travel, but we don’t have a choice. Son needs these medicines before the real snow/ice hits and we’re stuck indoors for days.

Thank you all again for your prayers. Son is still very sick but he got the treatment he needed and they are home safe. Thank you.

I pray that your husband be at rest and that you can be at ease. I also continue to pray for your son and that things may continue to get better.

~~ God Bless.

May the angels of the Lord guide you, bless you and protect yo all!!!

Praying for your safety and for the health of your family.

still praying for you and your family, may God bless you and keep you all safe and well

continue praying

praying for the weather to improve and for your family.

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