For iConfess App Users: How Do You Use This App?

I just discovered this great iConfess app. It offers an incredible tool for a very thorough examination of conscience, based on the 10 commandments, 7 deadly sins, sins against the Holy Spirit, etc., with the ability to "flag" certain sins for confession.

Just curious, how do other users of this app actually use it?

Prior to finding this app, I always wrote out my sins as I examined my conscience, then read them in confession. Since I'm sometimes a little nervous in confession, this method insured that I didn't forget anything that I should confess.

Now, with iConfess, I use my list of "flagged" sins to create a more detailed/personalized list in the "notes" section. Since I always confess behind the privacy screen, I turn the ringer off and bring the iPhone into confession, then read the list directly from the phone.

I just used this app yesterday for confession, and saw one other person with their iPhone out in line. I liked how it made it easier to make a detailed examination of conscience. My problem, is that after I logged that I went to confession, I expected that the item/sins that flagged, would be deleted. Isn't the app supposed to do that?

Does someone have a link to a user guide for the app.

Otherwise I love the app. I felt it really made it easy to make a good confession.

p.s our pastor was having a good problem, a long line for confession! Maybe because today is Divine Mercy Sunday.

I really like the iConfess app. I think it helps me make a much more thorough and complete confession. I've always used it behind the screen but think I might feel a little self conscious if I have my iPhone out during a face to face confession.

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