For Jeb Bush, Life Defending the Family Name

CORAL GABLES, Fla. — For months now, Jeb Bush has been listening as President Obama blasts his older brother’s administration for the battered economy, budget deficits and even the lax oversight of oil wells.

“It’s kind of like a kid coming to school saying, ‘The dog ate my homework,’ ” Mr. Bush, this state’s former governor, said over lunch last week at the Biltmore Hotel. “It’s childish. This is what children do until they mature. They don’t accept responsibility.”

I find it mind boggling that Republicans are attempting to rewrite history and remove the blame from themselves for the current state of the economy.

I find it absolutely depressing that some folks are buying it.

I find it mind boggling that Democrats are refusing to accept responibility it’s part.
Bush didn’t say his brother had no responsibility. He pointed out the left’s attempt to dodge their part.

I find it absolutely depressing that some folks are buying it.

I find it absolutely aggravating that some folks are letting the Democrats off the hook.

I’d like to see Jeb defend his family name on this one: If poor folks get evicted from public housing due to a kid’s drug arrest, why wasn’t he when he was governor? :confused: He lived in public housing.

“Federal rules require an eviction from Section 8 housing for an arrest related to violence, drugs, weapons or gangs. A person is not allowed back into public housing or Section 8 within three years of an arrest. “

“One strike and you’re out” allows public housing tenants to be evicted for the offenses, sometimes noncriminal, of others, and speed up evictions in alleged drug cases, bypassing the requirement of a pre-eviction hearing (“Entitlement of Tenants to Occupancy,” 24 CFR 247.3). ”

Honestly, I am tired of these two-party “the other side is evil” sort of games. If I were in charge, I would take George Washington’s advice and ban all political parties. :smiley:

At this point we need to move forward and stop looking back and pointing fingers.

Take responsibility for your own actions, and learn from your own mistakes and the mistakes that others have made in the past.

Blaming and complaining about the other party does not fix anything. :thumbsup:

Poor Obama-the dog ate his homework…

Pelosi on blaming Bush: “Well, it runs out when the problems go away.”

Let’s see how well this strategy works in November.

Like charity, personal responsibility begins at home. Hard to expect any better from politicians when they simply have the same flaws of the people they represent. Even without political parties, there will always be two ideological camps. One camp that believes in the ingenuity of people and private enterprise. And a second camp that believes government is the predominant source of ingenuity.

Jeb should bring up his father’s presidency, which was far more successful than W’s. Certainly was much more fiscally responsible.

And how will things change when Republicans take over Congress again? More fears of terrorism? More corporate welfare? More neo-con gloating?

And then we’ll finally hear some real protests from the “left.” The defeated side always seems to make the most noise in the U.S.

You should fear terrorism, poking your head in the sand will not make it go away. With regard to corporate welfare, crony capitalism (which I think is the better term for corporate welfare) has been a major product of the Democratic Majority and this Administration. The Democratic Majority is very comfortable with that philosophy that government is the predominant source of ingenuity.

That being said, Republicans in Congress need to become better at differentiating between "pro-business” and “pro-free market” policies. The two are different. Too often, Republican members and the Bush Administration fell into the crony capitalism trap. In a recent article, Paul Ryan, Ranking Member of the House Budget Committee, had this to say:

*From an ideological perspective, big government can combine with big business to advance a more progressivist society. For self-described “progressives,” the agenda is straightforward: expand government; co-opt big business; direct the capital markets from Washington to pursue “social justice.” Think Fannie and Freddie by much higher orders of magnitude.

Over the past decade, the thinking has been much less clear for conservatives. Being “pro-market” has been fundamentally confused with “pro-business.” Conservatives who came to Congress to defend and promote free enterprise have often been led to believe that pathway lies in bolstering established firms as they navigate the maze of government regulations and taxes. These instincts are correct, but the implementation is often flawed. All too often, the results of these efforts have been to exacerbate crony capitalism - erecting barriers to entry against potential competitors to firms that are currently on top.

For their part, companies seeking such protection have a right to pursue their narrow self-interest; but when these actions involve reducing open competition and transparency for short term gain, they do so to the detriment of the very free enterprise system that made their success possible.

Republicans, who profess their zeal for democratic capitalism as the greatest source of human flourishing, all too often have aided the “kings of industry” in pulling the drawbridge up after they’ve taken the castle. Conservatives must recover the fundamentals of what is needed to defend the free enterprise system. We can begin by rejecting the current financial regulatory overhaul moving through Congress, and by offering alternatives that apply the essential principles that form a true free enterprise system.*

Well, unfortunately, the both sides stink and either way we are going to hell in a hand-basket party does nothing but make noise…since they’ll never be in power, they don’t have to take responsibility for anything…just point fingers at everyone and grouse about how awful they all are. :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed-instead of making the tough decisions and voting for someone who can do some good and can win they vote for someone who has no chance of winning and then stand on the sidelines throwing stones at both sides.

And allowing Republicans to erode our civil rights out of fear that there’'s a boggeyman hiding in every bush and around every corner is tantamount to surrender.!v=cMnSp4qEXNM&feature=related

George W Bush’s fault… I think not.

He was running around the country bragging about how his economic policies were responsible for huge increases in home ownership so he should also be willing to accept some of the blame. :wink:


SOME of the blame? That’s big of you since no dem accepts ANY blame ever.

The narcissist in chief blames Bush for every thing under the sun.

So good for Jeb for standing up and saying something. G.W is too much of a good Christian to even defend himself.

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