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Ok, this is going to sound kind of weird (at least it does to me because I grew up with my mother making me wear a bra to sleep in), but here goes…

I got sick and for almost a week I’ve not been wearing a bra because I was just sitting around the house trying not to spread strep throat. My husband doesn’t mind me not wearing a bra at home or in public either. Fastforward to after the strep throat and now I really don’t want to wear my bras anymore :blush: It’s so much more comfortable without them, um, restricting the natural movement of my breasts. I’m only a B cup and not nursing so I don’t have a lot that needs supported or absorbed and actually my husband said he can’t even tell when I’m not wearing a bra unless he physically checks. Naturally that begs the question, what’s the point of wearing a bra in the first place??? How weird would it be to just ditch the bras (not feminist style - modesty would still be preserved)? What are your other opinions on the matter?


Personally - I think that a woman should wear proper undergarments at all times. Well, at home is a different story, but out in public certainly. Your clothing fits better and looks better, and - well, um - if it gets cold, you are just better off. :o I don’t think that even small breasted women look right without one. There is always the possibility of that “jiggle” that you get when you go without, and that’s never a good idea, no matter how much you are covered up.

I would suggest looking at something more like a light weight tank bra. Check out www.titlenine.com - they have some great ones that might be more comfortable for you.

Speaking as a large breasted woman, I have pretty definite opinions about this. But I think that even those who are not cursed with what I have to live with need to consider this as well. I just don’t think that bra-less is a good idea.

Sorry. :slight_smile:



I was too little for one for a long time and I’m not really used to them. I usually wear one if I’m wearing only one shirt or on a special occasion, but not normally. It’s so uncomfortable. How did you sleep in one, and what was your mother’s reasoning? I’ve never heard of such a thing.


If your bras are uncomfortable its possible that they don’t fit properly. You can get used to the way a garment feels whether it fits or not and only notice it once you put that garment away for a while. Many department stores have bra fitters, why don’t you ask at JC Penney’s or Macy’s?


Trust me: men notice.

It might be okay if you have really bulky clothing, .e.g you’re wearing a winter coat, and you need to make a quick trip to the store.

In the summer? Bad idea in my view. Your nipples can show. It can get jiggly (depending on how tight the shirt). Men are much more sensitive to this than women.

A bra keeps your breasts lifted. It keeps a certain pleasant shape. Some people care about that, others don’t. Personally, I don’t want them to go down south too soon. :smiley:

Another thing: going without a bra can send the wrong message about you. You may be entirely prepared to deal with the physical and spiritual consequences, but some people will get ideas about you. Just saying. You can live with them or not, but it can be detrimental. It’s like not combing your hair: sure you can avoid it, but is that what you want to say to the world?


My two penneth: Wear one or don’t. It’s up to you. Men need to be responsible for themselves; this whole idea of the poor men being affected by things like this is a bunch of hooey. That same mentality keeps women in certain places of the world in burkas. I wear one becase, quite frankly, I like mine where they are and wish to keep them there for a while. But to each her own.


I have been fitted and all my bras are of proper size and they’re relatively new too. I didn’t notice the discomfort at all until I didn’t wear one for almost a week then put one back on to go to classes :shrug:

For around the house I’ve got some tanks tops that have extra cloth at the top kind of like the bra tops at that link lizaanne posted. I’ve been wearing those while I was sick so I wasn’t going without any extra covering whatsoever. With that cloth you can’t really even tell when I’m cold :o

It’s been really cold and icy here recently so I definately have been bundled up – 2 shirts minimum – summer would definately be a different story and I hadn’t thought that far ahead yet (is it ever going to warm up, lol).

strngrnrth, I don’t know why my mom did what she did, but once I started developing breasts the strict rule was if dad was home (truck drivers aren’t home every night) I had to have one on and it was preferable to wear it all the time even when he wasn’t home. I would ask her but she died 3 years ago so I don’t think I’d get much of an answer :wink:


Are you aware there’s research suggesting that bras actually make breasts sag quicker because the ligaments atrophy from lack of use (i.e. bouncing a little while walking)? Bras just put them where we want them, like you said, but they only help keep them there as long as the bra is actually worn.


Yes, men are responsible for their own lust and self control, but we females do play a part. Saying that women should be modest does not equate into wearing a burka. I’ve never understood this line of thought. Its a bit like saying if you follow any rule that some extreme consequence will occur.:confused:

As a young woman, I did not wear bras. I figured that they were a waste of material and I didn’t think that any man wanted to look at my size A breast anyway. I was wrong. LOTS of men stared at my chest or made comments.:frowning: So, I went back to wearing a bra.

If you really dislike the bra wear an undershirt beneath your shirt. That should prevent exposure.

Of course, its not a sin to go without a bra, but it might not be a wise thing to do.:shrug:


So sayeth one study- for now. That may apply if one wears a bra constantly, but think if one goes without sometimes that the ligaments will remain supple and supportive.


Odd that you had to wear a bra at night. :confused: That would be uncomfortable, I know.

The tops that you describe sound like they would provide adequate coverage. So, if you are uncomfortable with a bra, I see no reason then to wear one.


Under the right circumstances, it seems many, if not most, men could find two pears placed side-by-side arousing (and, to be fair, the situation doesn’t appear to be all that different for women). How much can any one person do? A bra isn’t a magical anti-lust device, it just keeps breasts up. It ain’t a chastity belt-fright wig combo.

Modesty, as ever, is in the mind of the beholder. The beheld can attend to his or her body and its covering as considered appropriate, but that’s about it.


True…but I am a Christian so I have to be modest. That is part of my beliefs.:shrug: Now what is modesty could be a thread to itself. Different people have different views. The reasons that we should be modest are for our own self respect more then men’s lusts. But how men perceive women also plays some part in what is modest.

Of course, if modesty was only based on male perception women would have to be kept locked away from site.:eek:

I didn’t say, by the way, that a woman had to wear a bra to be modest. See, that’s what happens when a man wonders into a thread that concerns women’s issues. He gets all confused.:smiley: (I know that you have a sense of humor, so don’t get offended at my teasing)


would merely suggest watching some old episodes of What not to Wear, because the ladies generally find when they confront themselves in the 360 mirror, that yes, going braless is quite evident even on the less well endowed, is seldom attractive, and almost always guaranteed to make your clothes fit poorly.

if you find bras uncomfortable go to a good lingerie store or department store that has professional fitters and get fitted for the proper size and style, most of us wear the wrong one if we have not taken advantage of this free service. Bras can also be altered if necessary.


There was a time when I didn’t have to wear a bra to be comfortable. Actually, there was a time when I didn’t have to wear a bra, period, and I was often mistaken for a boy (at the age of 20). I did remain concerned about cold and thinner clothes though and solved that problem with flesh colored band-aids.

So if you’re more comfortable without a bra, go for it. If you’re concerned about cold making things obvious buy a box of band-aids – you can get a lot of them for the cost of a good bra.


I have to wear a bra. :blush: It’s funny because I am the youngest of 5 girls in my family and I’m the only one who is well endowed in that area. One of my sisters actually wore a training bra until her mid 30’s. I always tell them I wish we could trade. :smiley:

As far as wearing them goes, if I am home just loafing around, I usually don’t. For us bigger women, a good bra is hard to find, so when I find one that does, I buy a whole slew of 'em.


I’ll bet they wish they could trade too, but I found out when nursing our first child that you should be careful what you wish for. Going from AA to B or C was a dream come true at first, until I found that they were always in my way. :smiley:


It really doesn’t matter how small-breasted you are; if you aren’t wearing a bra, it is noticeable. If you’re ok with people being able to tell you are bra-less, then there’s not much to say about it other than it typically looks quite trashy. :shrug:


I think smaller chested ladies could get away with wearing those tank tops with the built in bra’s. I can’t do that, so unless I’m in pajamas at home I have a bra on.

I remember, not so fondly, going bra-shopping with my mom, about 22 years ago. They still had those little shops where they sold a variety of different things, like pajamas, “slips” girdles etc. Everything was behind the counter, so you needed to ask for assistance, and the salesperson would bring out various items to chose from. Well, I was embarrassed to speak to the older, grumpy saleswoman. So my mom asks, “I would like to see some bras please, 32B.” The saleswoman asks in a loud, grumpy voice,(New York accent and all) “Are they for her?” Pointing at me. “Because she’s not a B! she’s an A!”

And of course I would have loved to just fall into the ground at that point. I don’t remember purchasing anything that day.

If she could see me now…


Two words - -

Sports Bra

When I want to be comfy, those are the ticket. They are GREAT for sleeping.

Wear a bra now, your “girls” will stay in better shape. Once you hit, oh, 35/40 you AND DH will be be able to tell if you were a braless gal :eek:

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