For me - possibly falsely accused


For some reason I just wanted to say that I’ve never posted a thread to this subforum before, and it seems I probably would never have thought to bother people with my problems like this unless I were VERY worried about something. Speaking of which…

Long story short, I have had an increasingly strong suspicion that I may have been falsely accused of STALKING! I’m not going to post the details now, but I wouldn’t mind doing so later on. If you want to ask me about it, go right ahead. Please pray for me though, at least a little bit if you get the chance. This has really scared me lately. :frowning:





i am really sorry that this is happening to you. i am here for you, if you need me. i will pray for you Exoflare. May the God of love and mercy send Saint Michael to protect you. May God the Son be in those that speak your name. May God the Holy Spirit guide you and assist you in your defense. :signofcross:

God bless you Exoflare,
Chyna :crossrc:


Thanks for all your prayers. One thing I must also mention, as it’s important, is that I’m not sure of the motives of the person who is accusing me. It may very well be a big misunderstanding, rather than going out of her way to frame me.


I will include you in my morning prayers.


I will be praying for her heart. If you have done nothing wrong then have faith that the Father will guide you and will not allow you to be falsely accused.


Thank you so much.

I’ve done nothing wrong, but it’s almost like I was never given a chance to defend myself before the time these alleged suspicions were revealed to me. What worries me is I know so much of her family and though they’ve all been so nice to me in the past, I’ve even gone out of my way to avoid running into them since then for fear of what they might possibly think of me now. (they are pretty involved in both churches I go to here) Still, I know I probably won’t be able to keep this up much longer. Sooner or later I will have to face the music.


Prayers for you. If you’ve done nothing wrong then you have little if anything to fear. Pray for courage and step up to those who may be accusing you.

Most if not all such allegations or accusations disappear into thin air the minute evidence or proof is asked for.


That’s how I viewed it as well. However, once I started looking at various definitions and laws for “stalking” it seems that a lot of people merely define it as anything that made the other person uncomfortable or “fear for their safety”. If they claim they were, it doesn’t matter if I so much as said Hi to them on the street more than once… it could possibly be considered stalking. Such a subjective and arbitrary standard for “proof” is what scares me more than anything. :frowning:

To be clear, in this case there is nothing that could remotely be considered reasonable proof.


Oi. Maybe the “proof” should be whether or not you were aware that it made the person uncomfortable.



Once again, thanks to every one of you for your prayers. I’m off to mass right now… keep your fingers crossed… :gopray:


Dear Lord, please protect this, your humble servant, from false accusations. Jesus, of all people, You understand what this is like. Please intervene in this situation and allow all involved to see You first, above all else. In Jesus name we pray.


Father, I pray for this child of Yours. Please hold him close to You and warm him with light. Guide him by Your Truth. Amen.

The Truth Shall Set You Free!


Exactly right - if they never said anything to you about it, nor showed their discomfort in any way, it’s not your problem.

The mere fact that they were uncomfortable but you were blisfully unaware wouldn’t stand up in any police station or court.

Mind you, now that you know you do have an obligation … you’re doing the right thing by not getting too close now.

Could you somehow get a nicely worded message through to them - telling them what you’ve been told and apologising if you’ve made them uncomfortable, but stating that you value their friendship and would like to continue if possible?


I’ve actually started a separate thread about it in the “Family Life” section, so as not to derail this one too much. Here’s the link:




Thanks to everyone here… see the link to the thread I just posted. My fears may have been resolved a little bit sooner than I thought. The only problems here seem to be, that the girl who I was talking to is really paranoid, and I’m just socially inept. :o


Praying for you, exoflare!


Praying for you. :gopray2:



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