for me

1.For God to send me good, true friendships so that I will never be lonely or depressed anymore. Also to absolutely FORGET someone from the past with whom I really messed up a potential friendship, which left me feeling very bad, and who I could never be friends with anyway-so I want to forget that person absolutely and find peace and happiness with some true friends-and please, for all feelings of guilt to be eradicated, because I have learned very much from this. I just want some true friends now-someone who needs me and to whom I am valued and important.

2.I need to move to a different house but there are obstacles. Please pray that I can move before Christmas because this situation is unbearable.

3.For God to make me a strong person and help me through all the tough situations I encounter…and to give me total PEACE of heart, soul and mind.

4.Also again for my sick mother so that I can help her.

Thanks for your prayers! Praying for all at CAF

Lord Jesus, Zavtrak kindly and generously wishes to help his mother, please help his to fulfil these wishes in a way that is a blessing to them both.

Jesus please give Zavtrak the opportunity for a wholesome new beginning for his life, where he lives, his friendships and his handling of relationships, and in his interior life.

Jesus, You said, “pray for your enemies”, Jesus, and so we must, faithfully and sincerely pray for them. It is in praying for them that we fulfil Your loving command, and that we can bring healing to ourselves. Please help Zavtrak to realise that we can’t bury memories of those whom we have hurt and who have hurt us. The harder we try to forget the more obsessively we remember them, if we do not have forgiveness of You, the other, and our own self.

If we have confessed our sin against others in confession, and we pray for their healing and blessing, then we need not remain in guilt. The other person is loved child of God too, and our sister or brother with whom we will be reunited in heaven, all wounds healed.

Jesus please help Zavtrak to develop gifts for friendship, caring, and respect for others, so that other good people are attracted to be friendly. Please help Zavtrak to find those who will be good friends, and help him to be buoyant in those times when things are difficult.

Please help him in every way that he needs, and grant him peace and happiness in jis life. Thank You, Jesus

Lord please strengthen Zavtrak in his trials. Inspire him to surrender himself to You, You who gives us true peace, understanding and forgiveness. If it be Your will, surround Zavtrak with holy friends, who support him in his trials and strengthen his faith.

Lord also have mercy on Zavtrak’s mother. Enable him to help her in her sickness, and if it be your will, heal her body.


For these intentions, I pray …

Hail Mary
Full of grace
the Lord is with thee
Blessed art thou among women
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb
Holy Mary
Mother of God
pray for us sinner now
and at the hour of our death.

I hope you will find the peace you seek and a new beginning, which is, to me, one of the best blessings a person can have.

I will pray for you.

Lord, please grant Zavtrak207 some good holy company. Please put at least one very good Christian soul in his life to love him and care for him and to share in a beautiful friendhip with him. Maybe Zavtrak can meet somebody at his parish and get to know them over breakfast after Mass. Please help Zavtak207 to find a nice place to live in, something affordable and attractive…and please help him find something before Christmas, if that is possible. Please heal his mother and help bring her to an even deeper relationship with you through her illness experiences. Please keep Zavtrak207 strong in faith, hope and love. He can keep strong in these supernatural graces by receiving you regularly in the Eucharist and using the Sacrament of Confession whenever necessary. Help him to devote a good amount of time every day in prayer to deepen his relationship with you and to help keep him strong. May Zavtrak207 find some good Catholic books to read to educate him and help keep him faithful. Please keep Zavtrak207 close to you and let him know he is never truly alone. May he visit you at an adoration chapel when he is lonely (and even when he is not lonely) for the love, strength, healing, and support that he needs. Please let him know that he has us at the CAF for friendship and support and can send us PMs. Thank you, Lord, for hearing my prayer. Amen.

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