For Meira

I feel silly for asking this on here, but it’s in my heart full throtle right now. Can someone please pray for my dogMeira, she’s crying in a pain cry, every other minute, i don’t know what’s wrong with her, i don’t know if it’s he rleg, she doesn’t yelp when i touch it, but something is making her cry and i’m so scared and afraid, i love her. Please, pray and…what should i do? the vet is closed right now.

Praying …


Praying for your dog.

May the Lord help you to calm your heart so that she feels only your loves and her trust that she is safe in your care. I don’t doubt you have been doing for Meira as she needs, reassuring words, gentle patting and keeping calm so as not to fighten her more. God grant that you find out what’s wrong when the veterinary surgery opens, that your companion will be out of pain soon.
Kind regards, Trishie

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