For Mormons

I am starting this poll to learn more about what Mormons believe and why.

Mormons: Which of the following do you consider to be the most authoritative? Please elaborate in your post.

-Bible (“as long as it is properly translated”)
-Book of Mormon
-Doctrine and Covenants
-Pearl of Great Price
-Teachings of current president
-They are all equal in authority

other being the Holy Ghost

A better qualification would be descending order of importance.

To Mormons, it’s BoM.

If it isn’t, then there is NO reason to discuss Christianity since in their view the Bible (from the Jews to the Jewish Christians to the Catholics) is deficient, not complete and subject to textual modification and addition.

That, for all of us Catholics out here, is anathema.

And that is why our Church and all mainstream Christian denominations do not consider Mormons to be a Christian-grounded religion.


I’m sorry ABostonCatholic!

Even though I am a lifelong ANAHEIM Angels fan, I did not intend to scuttle your thread!

I am afraid that our mormon eloi are fearful to go public with the EXACT order of importance of their purported scripture and those books traditionally accepted by Jews and Christians.

Again, you have my sympathies and abiding wish that Boston DOES NOT win its division. We prefer POUNDING on the Yankees in the playoffs. Youse guys give us trouble.

Pax Christi

Thank okay :slight_smile:

Where did our mormon friends hie to?

Is there something going on in SLC? Did BYU get into the NCAA Tournament for boys basketball?

Have Zerinus and his missionary companions been recalled for a meeting??

What gives??


High School Seminary mid-terms?

They’ve probably been ordered to stay away. This place is dangerous to their testimonkeys. :smiley:

“testimonkeys” :rotfl:

Or would that be “testy-monikers” ? :hmmm:

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