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I’ll get right to it: I’m interested in examining the Qur’an, however do not know Arabic (I barely know Greek for my own Scriptures!) and do not have the money to buy an English copy at the present. So … my great question is this: Do any of you know of any good Web sites that include English translations, preferably one that allows you to search passages, much like BibleGateway does for Christian texts? I know that because of linguistic differences, oftentimes when one quotes the Qur’an in English certain phrases and words have to be added in parentheses to make sense of the wording. I would also like it very much if someone knew of one in which this was already done. But if not, that’s okay.

Thank you for all your help!


Try that. Many different translations for both the Hadith and Qur’an.


Thank you! This is very helpful.

I must, however, admit my ignorance in many areas. How is the Qur’an divided? Is it but a single book, or does it have sections? How to I recognize where to go on here? How do I find the passages I want?


Never mind! :smiley:


I’m not Muslim so anything I might give you would be tainted. :rolleyes:


Its divided by chapters called Surahs the longest surahs are in the first and the shortest are at the end. There are 114 surahs. Interestingly enough, i had just learned that the first copies of the Quran were written 20 years after Muhammud had died. And one of those original manuscripts is still preserved til this very day.


A free copy of the Qur’an can be downloaded here.

You can also get 3 different translations of the Qur’an at this website.


HERE are a few links for you, that forum (where I’m an admin) is well suited to answering queries such as these.

And HERE is a brief introduction to the Qur’an aimed at those reading it for the first time, which I’d strongly recommend you look at.

All the best.


There would be many such websites I presume, but if you prefer from a peaceful faith in Islam, I would recommend you:
The Official Website of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
English w/ 5 Vol. Commentary
English by Maulawi Sher Ali RA
English with Short Commentary
I think that you would appreciate that.
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