For my best friend's father


He is currently undergoing chemo treatments for rectal cancer. He was admitted to the hospital late last night with a low white cell count. A germy hospital is the last place you want someone with a compromised immune system.

She said his spirits are good, but this is a very scary and serious point for him right now.

Please keep this family in your prayers. They are all such good people, and they mean so much to me.



I sent your prayer request to the Carmelite Sisters of Sacred Heart Monastery. And, I will remember him and his family especially as my Evening Prayer intention this evening.


Thank you Della!! They are actually Lay Carmelites! How wonderful is that? :slight_smile:

Your prayers are so very welcome. May God bless you for remembering them.



My prayers going up lizanne :gopray2:

by the way, I listened to a few of the podcasts in your link, they’re good.


Thanks Lily, on both counts. :slight_smile:





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