For my co-worker with terminal cancer


Please pray for my co-worker, M.J. Today was her last day at work, and I came to visit her. I felt terribly sorry that I could not recognize her. She lost so much weight.

She is a wonderful person. I have to admire her that she still came to work even she is in her worse shape.

Please pray for her - she told me she is ready but part of her didn’t want to say go yet.

Thanks and God bless.


I will pray for her. What’s wrong with her? Is she dying, or just taking time off to get better/retire?


Oh, I am sorry to mention. She’s having cancer and she might have a month or 2 to live.

Thank you for praying, CatholicSam.


How very sad. I think we could all say that - we are ready (hopefully) but we don’t want to go yet. :frowning:

I will most certainly pray for her & those who love her. May God comfort them and give them peace.


I will add her to my evening prayer list.


Oh how sad, praying for her!:gopray2:


Thank you all for praying. God bless!


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