For my Dad and the Annual Methodist Conference


Please pray for my Dad, a Methodist Minister. Our local conference here in West Tennessee (the Memphis Conference) is having their Annual Conference and I know that the Methodist Church is becoming very lax on some things in some areas of the country. Please pray that his local district and conference don’t go the way of some and that they stay true to Christian beliefs. He mentioned the other day that the Methodist Church is going downhill fast and it worried him. Please pray for him, his churches (he has 2), the Annual Conference, and the Methodist Church as a whole.


Prayers for your dad. :gopray:


I am praying for your dad.


Praying for you and your dad.


Prayers offered for you Dad and your family that peace come to the faith. Amen.


Prayers from here, and also congratulations to your father for standing firm. He will surely be rewarded by our Lord for his faithfulness!!


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