For my dad's cardiac exams

Please pray that my dad’s cardiac catheterization procedure goes well next Tuesday.

He recently has been having “tightness” in his chest… and my sister, who’s a nurse, has been on his case (thank God). He went in for an EKG and the cardiologist now recommends the catheterization camera for further inspection…

Dear God please help whatever he has be easily treatable…



With prayers - Joe

Adding you to my prayer list today!

Lord, please comfort this man during the current health crisis and may you please help to heal him completely if it be your will. Amen.

He is in my prayer.

God bless.

Thank you for your prayers.
My dad’s procedure went well this morning… but they found some significant blockages…
He will be in the hospital overnight… and will have an angioplasty and stent procedure done on 3 blocked areas tomorrow morning…

Thank you for your continued prayers…

For your merciful attention to our prayers,
we thank You, Lord. :gopray:

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