For my dad's church


Please pray for my dad’s church and the other party involved in this dispute. My dad is a United Methodist minister at two small churches here in West Tennessee. This church has been where it is for 100 years or more and the bank that was behind them gave them land for a parking lot which they used and even built a wall on one side in order to make sure people didn’t ruin the grass between the bank and church lot. Anyway, this man has bought the bank (it closed and was for sale) and he claims that the land the parking lot is on belongs to him. He gave them 10 days to come up with $100,000 or another negotiation plan to buy the land. BTW the land is NOT worth that at all; he only pd $50,000 for the bank and land. Anyway, they met the other day and came up with the plan, and he agreed. But today when they got to church he had come in the middle of the night and destroyed the wall between the church lot and the bank. He also has put a trailer up at the bank and is planning to put it in the church lot. They are trying to have him arrested and are going to take him to court. He apparently has done this to several churches and the neighboring county even ran him out of the county for it.

Sorry it was so long but I felt the entire situation needed to be said. Please pray for this man and my dad’s church that God allows what is supposed to happen, happen.


Oh that makes me so angry! I long for the day that we finally do away with the idea of the Corporation being able to do just about anything at the expense of everyone else! I am praying for your dad’s church, and that this jerk gets a taste of his own medicine! Let’s see how he likes it when God repays him by taking something dear to him! Not that I’m praying that harm be done, but that God’s will be done.


Thanks for your prayers. BTW, it’s not even a corporation. Its just one man that’s doing this. I’m actually afraid someone is going to get physically harmed before its over with. Some of my dad’s church members have a tough time controlling their tempers as does this other man. They are contacting the local paper and news to see if they can get the word out. The really bad part is that the Methodist conference won’t help them at all.


Father, please nourish the spirit of Christian love in parishioners, and miraculously, to this man who is undermining the welfare of this parish. Please grant Your help to this good minister.
Let good prevail. I ask this in Jesus’ name


Amen!!!..May the angels of the Lord protect this church, the pastor and give peace to this one lost sheep.




I suppose your father asked the guy for the deed to the property? Does your dad have any documentation to show that the property was transferred to the church?

Of course, you have asked for prayers, not kibbitzing, but I can do BOTH.



& again, Amen!

I have heard so many stories of people who have been so mean to churches near them, that I have come to think that this is something that needs prayer all the time, to keep this kind of thing from happening. I am praying right now.


The problem is, the bank did a deed to the church for the property but it either wasn’t recorded (which is legal in TN, deeds don’t HAVE to be recorded, but it is of course recommended:) ) or it was recorded in the wrong county. The bank can’t find a copy and the church burned several years ago and all the records burned up in it. With the UMC church it isn’t really the pastor (my dad) but the board of trustees that handles everything. But the pastor gets dragged into it. My husband is an attorney and he is doing some stuff for them and they also have another attorney working for them. They think someone may have a copy of the deed somewhere…

Believe me, from working in a real estate office for 6 years, I can understand how the deed ended up missing. It happens more often than people think.


Praying our Lord will protect your dad and that the Holy Spirit will soften the mans heart and use this situation to somehow draw him to love Jesus.:signofcross:


Under the circumstances, that is pretty good news. I hope your husband has a whole tank full of sharks to help him put the smack-down on what you describe as malignant, predatory behavior.


I ask that our heavenly father let his will be done, May he intercede along with the holy spirit and allow everyone to do what is right.

Hail mary full of grace the lord is with thee blessed are thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus holy mary mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of death amen.


Just a little update…the District Attorney told the church that the only way out is to pay this guy the $100,000 for the land. They have a meeting tomorrow and they are having the newspaper and the local TV station come out so hopefully this will help.


Ouch. That is really ugly. I hope a compromise can be reached. Arbitration?


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