For my daughter...

Hi all,

Our 13 year old daughter is having issues making friends in her new school.

Please add her (Malia) to your prayers that she may find comfort in the Lord and that, God Willing, she develop close friendships with other children that walk in His Light.

Thank you all,

God bless

Praying hard for Malia to make good friends.

Praying for her. May I share some advice as someone who was moved frequently in my upbringing. Please, help her to find some activities that she enjoys where she will make friends. Tell her for me that she will find some it just may take time. My parents moved me so many times in high school that I went to 4 high schools:mad: One time I met no one initially and so when lunch came around I would walk and walk and walk rather than eat alone. Eventually I met people through my activities and so things started to turn around. God bless you.

It can be so hard to settle in to a new school and find friends. Praying that Malia will be led to some “kindred spirits” in her school who will help each other to grow in faith.

St. Nicholas please pray for Malia.

Mother Mary, please make your intentions in this matter come true.

Hail Mary…


I am praying for Malia.

I am also praying for Malia.

Thank you all very much for the prayers. She has been coming home each day saying that things are moving in a good direction,

Best of all, she sees the hand of God in the direction things have been going :slight_smile:

God bless

Lord God, thank You for hearing the prayers said for Malia. Please continue to bless her, guide her, guard her and protect her as she goes through school. Please lead her to friends who can help her grow in faith, truth, love and kindness. All these I ask in the name of Jesus, Your Son. Amen.

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