For my daughter

Prayers for your daughter Maggie.

Maggie daughter needs your help holy father ,show her the way to another job, and let it be as good as the last one, in your name we pray.:gopray2:

I will continue to pray for your daughter and your family.

Thanks all for the prayers…they are helping.

2nd interview went very well…now we wait and pray. The other company who were suppose to interview her this week for a second time just announced they are closing the division…just like the job she lost. :eek:

So it is now down to 2 possibles and the one she interviewed for the 2nd time today looks the best.

Praised be God! Always good to have more than one option up your sleeve :wink:

Especially in the Mortgage industry…:eek: Not a good one to be in right now,but she is very good at it.

The power of prayer is a mighty thing :slight_smile:

Praying for your daughter.

Praying for all your intentions Maggie!

Sill praying for your daughter, Maggie

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