For my faith...

Hi everyone - I’m asking for prayers for myself. Over the past several months, or maybe year, I have been fading away. I haven’t been praying near as often and I’ve skipped out on mass several times. I’ve noticed the void in all areas of my life.
I just need to prayers to go back in the right direction.

Please pray for me!

Praying hard for you.


Think of all the times the Lord has enriched your life, the number of times He came to your aid, the sacrifices He made just for you. There is no way you can put Him out of your life, even for a minute. If you feel empty, keep doing the regular devotions, anyway. This, too, will pass. You’re in my prayers.

I am certainly praying for you! I went through a situation like this as well… once I got back into the habit of praying, saying my rosary and going to Mass regularly, I felt SOOO much better!!

May our Lord grant you the gift of prayer and help you to keep close to the sacraments. May he fill your heart with the deepest love. Amen.

Remembering you in my daily prayers. God bless :slight_smile:

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