For my friend's exam results

My friend, who is 16, has exam results come out tomorrow. She struggles in school and with exams so we don’t have the highest hopes. Her school won’t let her return for the rest of high school so she needs good enough grades to move to another school. I know she’s really worried and we’re all really worried for her, please pray for her.

Loving God be mindful of the needs of Emily’s friend, and bless her with everything that will help her grow to a wholesome future. Please surround her and her family with hope and goodness.

I shall pray for your friend.

God bless you


Lord, please help Emily’s friend and have mercy on her. May her best be good enough for the new school she has applied to. Amen.

I will be praying for your friend…

Thank you all so much for your prayers.

Her grades have been pretty good, I’m very proud and happy for her but I know she’s a bit disappointed. She didn’t get the required science grade though so I still haven’t heard if she’s managed to get into the new school, sometimes they will be a bit lenient.

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