For my friend's mom


The mother of one of my oldest friends in the world, had an aneurysm that ruptured and closed itself before it killed her, almost 2 weeks ago. The neurosurgeon removed it in an almost 7-hour surgery. After being alert & responsive for a very short time in recovery, she has been in a coma with her body recovering from the aneurysm, surgery, and one maybe two strokes.

I think my friend is finding out that it’s going to be a longer journey to recovery than he initially thought. And, he’s finding out how many friends he really has.





Saying prayers for God to comfort and heal. May God’s will be done.



Praying for her now.


Praying for these intentions…


Praying for all involved.

~~ the phoenix


I pray that the guardian angel of your friend’s mom bring her comfort, prayers, protection and healing…in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirt. Amen.


I’m praying for her… God Bless!


She’s in my prayers. :crossrc:


Will keep this situation in prayer…and strength for all involved…




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