For my friends struggling with illness


My elderly childhood friend T takes care of his wife K 24/7 who has suffered for years with a very severe form of Parkinson’s that does not allow her to walk, talk, or eat, but her mind is good. She is fed by stomach tube. I think she is becoming severely depressed, and he has medical problems too. I pray for them every day in faith and hope for a cure or lessening in sufferings but in accord with Eternal Father’s will. Sincere thanks to anyone who will pray for them.


I will pray for you and your friends T & K.


My prayers are with their family.:heart:


Our Father Who aret in heaven hallowed be thy name thy kingdo come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven give us this day our daily bread and foregive us our tresspasses as we foregive thouse who tresspass against us and lead us not in to temptation but deliver us from evil.

May God Grant these two companions the strength to get through their daily lives. Amen


Praying for you all. :signofcross:


Prayed a decade of today’s Rosary for T and K…


Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of our death.


Anthony, God bless you for your concern and prayers for your friends, and for asking our prayers for them in their painful situation. I’ll keep them in my prayers; and I offer them to God that He will draw blessings for souls from their living sacrifice. Jesus please ease their sufferings and worries, and give them ease in their hearts and minds.


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