For my grand daughter, who I'm not able to see

My miserable vindictive daughter took my grand daughter from me. My grand daughter has been living with me for the past 15 months and came to be the light of my life.
But because I was unable to take a vacation so my daughter could go on a vacation she “deserved”, she figured she ‘d “get back at me” and take Chloe’. Now because my daughter is being the way she is, vindictive, I am not “allowed” to see or call my grand daughter.
To say I am mad is no where near what I feel, so I am asking for your prayers for Chloe’. She’s only 7. I know she doesn’t understand why Nanny won’t call her. Or why her mama is telling her all sorts of things.
Please pray for her that she knows Nanny loves her.

P. S. If I offended anyone with my rant, I apologize

I will Pray for you . Chloe is a beautiful name by the way, it reminded me of a girl I was In love with in college who has that name . But Now I realize that I must Love the Lord and Put him on the pedestal First .

anyway I understand your hurting but dont be angry. Anger is something that will do you alot more harm then Good. Let go of your anger ,and just realize that maybe the Lord wants you to focus more on him then your granddaughter at this time .

Im willing to bet the House if you Put the Lord on a Pedestal he will open up communication with your GrandDaughter Very soon.

Be Patient .

Michael Of San Diego

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