For my grandparents' conversions


Hello! Please, could anyone say a prayer for my grandparents? They are atheists and I sometimes worry about their souls. I would love so much for Jesus to give them the great grace of a conversion.

Thank you very much! :o


I will add them to my request for my own family’s conversion


Praying very hard for their conversion!


Praying for you and your intentions.


I ask the Lord to grant these prayers of your heart.
Jesus bless this couple and this family,
and all families this Christmas


Praying for your grandparents to find faith and peace in our Lord…


Father of mercy, Father of power, send angels to open the hearts and eyes of dove’s grandparents, that they might see and love You with all their wills. Draw them close to You now and forever. Mary, pray with us. Amen. :harp:


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