For my husband who might return to the JWs


I am desperate. My husband is a disfelloshipped JW and might be reinstated today. I wanted to see if people could help me pray for him so he finds the true path. He used to be Catholic and his mom converted when he was younger. I am losing hope. I just wish he’d see the light and be guided back to our mother Church.


Consider it don, I worry about my husbands and mothers soul too and it doesnt feel good


I’ll be praying for the both of you too. In the meantime, is he open to hearing information about the Catholic Church? What about problems with the JW’s? I’ve been debating a JW on another forum and he’s ready to leave the organization, he’s just deciding whether to leave to Catholicism or Orthodoxy. In any case, my point is I could point you to a lot of possible resources if you want.


I’ll be praying for you and your husband and his mother.



As far as problems with the JW’s, you might want to discuss the serious problems regarding the New World Translation of the Bible. You could also look at all the failed prophecies, or the dubious dealings of founder Charles Taze Russell, or the purchase of the Beth Sarim mansion in California. I could go on and on. The New World Translation is a great place to start though. JW’s will argue that their interpretation of the Bible makes perfect sense. If you can show that that Bible has been rewritten to support their positions, rather than reflecting a true translation, you may have an in. (They can argue that the KJV is also acceptable, but then they have to explain the support for the Trinity then.)


Your husband (and you) will be in my prayers.


was your hubby reinstated? if so, have you spoken to him since his reinstatement? just remember my friend, its never to late for you to teach hubby the truth know matter whether he has been reinstated or not. but also know that once he is re instated, there remains the possibility of 2 things.

1: he might be told to put pressure on you to convert. DON’T
give in!! lovingly show him and tell him your not interested, and
that he must respect your beliefs.

2: they might tell him (and this is a tactic that i have seen before) to not associate with your family or anyone who is close to you and him that are not witnesses. likely that could be the case. they tried it with some former friends of mine when i was a jw.

have yourself a rosary hour, prayer hour. leave out literature around the home that speaks of the Catholic faith. does your hubby have a patron saint? if so, leave out a holy card of his patron saint, and pray to his patron saint:) or was he a witness before you married? was he raised Catholic?

Not just that, but if you feel hard pressed to deal with this, meet with the elders and tell them your concerns. go there with a good friend who is really knowledgeable biblically and
knows the CCC. ask them for time to speak to them about your concerns, and never let them back you into a corner.
invite them over for dinner or lunch without hubby present if you wish. always keep the conversation civil and kind.

The best solution is prayer and lots of it! if you want to talk privately, you can pm me anytime you want and i’ll do my best to help you out. you should also have a long talk with your man and continue to show him why the witnesses are not an organization that speaks for God.

take literature with you that disproves their belief. always disprove it kindly. charity goes along way.


Hi Marilena,

He wasn’t reinstated just yet. They told him in two weeks at the most. One of the 3 elders of the committee was absent so they couldn’t let him back in.

I have tried so many times to show him literature but he refuses to read it. I had left a “Pillar of Fire, Pillar of Truth” on his desk in our house, but he just put it away next to my other Catholic literature :frowning: I don’t want to overwhelm him or make him angry. But I do have a binder full of information showing their teachings are wrong (most from, and have a few books defending our faith. I also printed out info from the links you gave me on the UN association. I think he looked at it, but then he hid it in the magazine rack.

I know they are told not to associate w/non-witnesses, and he knows that too, but he still does. He goes to all my family’s bday parties :smiley:

For now, I should just be thankful he let me do the radical sanation. I’m just afraid that when it is time to sign it, that he will back out since he’ll be a JW again. :frowning:

Oh, before I forget, he was born a Catholic. His mother converted when he was 10 and he baptized a JW when he was 19, now he’s 23. He doesn’t know much about the CC because his mother never took them to Mass. She would take the to a Kingdom Hall behind his dad’s back. I’m not sure how old he was then, but I guess he was really young. He is even a confirmed Catholic but knows nothing about our beliefs. He’s too blind to see the lies of the JWs.

Anyway, aside from all this, I thank you for all your support. You have been very helpful and I have used you as an example to tell him about ex-JWs.

Thanks for all your advice!


He hesitates in listening to me about the CC, sometimes it ends up in arguments.

I have tried disproving the JWs but he always has some excuse for anything I say.

I really wish he didn’t get reinstated. But maybe that’s selfish of me :confused: . I just want him to be in the right path.

Anyway, thanks to all who answered!! I’m hoping my constant prayers will do something.


Oh Boy, I am really going to pray harder. I just saw this bombshell now.
I will continue the prayers from earlier with more gusto now.

Dont worry over it. You need to stay calm, and focused now more than ever, the devil loves chaos, find calm in this somehow and stay away from his temptations to discord.

Lord, have mercy on your servant yessian, and may our prayers be answered if it is your will.


If discussions about this end in arguements, then stop discussing. It won’t help matters if he sees you as arguementative and “naggy.” Please keep praying and know that we are praying too. Look up information about Elisabeth Leseur. She will be a great inspiration to you and I’m sure will also pray in intercession for you!


how can yo upossibly be selfish? is caring about your hubbies spiritual well being selfish? hardly! you shouldn’t want him to be reinstated. not at all. so your not selfish by any means! God will bless you for your efforts to keep your husband out of the stench of the falsetower. know this, that your stronger than you think friend, and no matter the outcome, pray that God continues to strengthen you in your endeavours to plant a seed in his heart. take comfort in Jesus, and leave the hard work up to Him.

God rewards those who are patient and loving such as you are.
you can only do so much you know, just set the example of rhim to follow. eventually he will see the TRUTH, that the falsetower is what it is, false. your in my prayers girl, and we love you here dearly,. don’t give up!!!:thumbsup:

God bless you!




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