For My Husband

Today my husband was hospitalize for an intestinal blockage related to his Crohn’s Disease. Please prayer for his healing and that this time (he was in the hospital twice for this in late April and early May) the doctors will be able to figure out how to stop it from reoccurring.

:signofcross: praying :gopray2:

:signofcross:I am praying for your husband.:signofcross:

:byzsoc: Praying for your husband.

Praying for your husband. :gopray2:

I will pray for your husband.

Praying for your husband.

Will keep your husband in prayer…

I hope your husband is doing better.

He came home on Wednesday. We are praying that it will not happen again, as he will very likely need major surgery if it does.

I pray that your husband may have healing and comfort in the Lord, and that the Lord might grant you comfort as well.

Keeping your husband in prayer for a strong and total recovery…

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