For my husband...


He has a job interview today. He has been out of work for about a year, and really needs a job not only for the money, but to help him get out of some depression. Please pray that the interview goes well and he receives an offer. :gopray2:


Dear Saint Joseph, please be with MannaG’s husband today during his job interview. Remove doubt from his mind, and pray for God’s blessing on this new job opportunity.

Dear Lord, please grant this man relief from his depression and unemployment.


You know I got your back!! :signofcross:


I offer my prayers for your husband and for you during this difficult time. God bless you both. Sandra


Please know that you and your husband are in mine and my family’s prayers also.




[FONT=Arial]Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with thee blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death amen.[/FONT]


I saw this lovely prayer in another post. Your husband has my prayers. :gopray:

Prayer to St. Joseph for Employment

Dear Saint Joseph, thou wert thyself once faced
with the responsibility of providing the necessities
of life for Jesus and Mary. Look down with fatherly
compassion upon me in my anxiety over my present
inability to support my family. Please help me to find
gainful employment very soon, so that this heavy burden
of concern will be lifted from my head and that I am soon
able to provide for those whom God has entrusted to my care.
Help me to guard against bitterness and discouragement,
so that we may emerge from this trial spiritually enriched
and with even greater blessings from God. Amen.


Your husband has my prayers.


Keeping your husband in prayer…





Will pray a rosary now for you both.:signofcross:


Anamchara- wonderful prayer.

I ask the Heavenly Father provider for all that He not overlook this servant as he seeks to provide for his own earthly family. Multiply for this family those things which they need and put your arms around them during this hardship.

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