For my jaw reconstruction surgery

I normally hate asking people to pray for me (one of the reasons I like the saints so much) but, well, it’s surgery. I’m having my jaw re-shaped tomorrow morning because my lower jaw sticks out substantially farther than my upper jaw. My front teeth don’t even meet (tons of funny stories about not knowing about this when I was younger and wondering how others could take a bite out of sandwiches. I’m looking forward to being able to eat an apple without a knife! :stuck_out_tongue: ) The doctors and nurses have told me that it’s going to be very painful and I’ll have to have my jaw wired shut for about six weeks. I’ve never had to deal with anything extremely painfull (worst injury to date - sprained ankle) and on top of it all I go back to school next Wednseday, where my first class is French.

The surgery is in the morning tomorrow after 8:00 so most of you will read this after the fact probably, but I’d appreciate your prayers anyway; God’s time isn’t our time! Anybody know any good surgery/jaw saints? Thanks!

You certainly have my prayers. All the best :gopray2:

I will say a prayer for you. You might also pray to St. Apollonia. She is the patron Saint of dentists. Here’s a link:

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