For my sister and her baby - labor complications


I just talked to my dad - my step-sister is having difficulty in delivering her son. They are 22+ hours into this, her water broke yesterday morning at 9am, and she is now only dialated to 5cm. She is in tremendous pain, so today they are going to make some very important decisions.

Please pray for all of them. That all goes well for mother and baby, and that her husband and the rest of the family can manage the stress of the unknown.

We pray to the Lord…


Thank you all -


Lord hear our prayer.



Wow, 22 hours? I’m surprised they haven’t decided to to a c-section. That’s an awfully long time to be in labor.

But I’ll be praying nonetheless. :gopray:


Thank you both.

She has not been in active labor for that long, but it has been that many hours since her water broke. I’m not sure when her contractions actually started.

I know she does not want to use any sort of pain management medication (epidural, etc.) so she’s trying to tough it out. She will probably have to give this up. Have not heard back from my dad yet. Don’t want to bother them while they try to get through this. I’m sure everyone else in my step-mom’s family is killing them with phone calls right now.

Hoping to hear something soon.



maybe I’m just unlucky, but 22hrs doesn’t seem that bad…complications are a different matter tho – I was the same - stuck at 5cm forever. Ended up with a c-section; I was heartbroken, but it’s amazing the grace that comes when you look into those little eyes; it helps heal both the emotional and physical scars; prayers for your sister and her baby


Prayers for your sister and her baby! :gopray2:

Her labor sounds alot like my first one… my water broke and I went into labor right away for 23 hours. Got stuck at 9cm and ended up with a c-section. Thankfully they decided to take my baby when they did though because she was not well when they got her out.

Let’s just pray that if baby is in trouble, they do what they need to do to make sure both mom and baby are healthy!


Still no updates - I’ll call my dad in about an hour and see how it’s going. :confused:

Thank you all for your prayers.



She’s dilated to 8cm, and is “upside down” right now. They are trying to stimulate the contractions a bit more, so hopefully things will progress a bit faster. Still no pain meds. What a trooper!

Baby is doing fine so far. Everyone is just wiped out with the stress and waiting.

Thanks so much for the prayers!



Count my prayers in!


praying hope mom and baby are great


Prayers to St Gerard :gopray2:


It was 39 VERY long hours, but baby finally made his entrance to the world at 10:05 last night!

7lbs2oz, 21in - lovely baby boy! Mom and baby are doing well!

Thank you all for your prayers!!! :smiley:

I’m a step-auntie! :slight_smile:



Wonderful news! Congratulations! :slight_smile:


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