For My Son


Please pray for him that he be guided to walk in the light. He has hit bottom several times and has recently achieved some magnificent things, but some old habits are appearing hard to break. He needs to step up to the task with no excuses.


I am praying for your son.


I will pray very hard for your son, as I know what it is like to wander.:heart:


May the holy mother come down upon your son and help him through this difficult time. May she also give you the strength and wisom to help your son acheive what you and him need.

Hail Mary full of Grace the lord is with thee blessed are thou among women and blessed si the fruit of thy womb Jesus Holy mary mother of God pray for us sinner now and at the hour of our death.


Jesus please keep this young man faithful to all that is good, responsible, and loving in his life. Please bless this family in all things. Thank You, Jesus


I’m joining in prayers for your son , may God the Holy Spirit enlighten him and give him wisdom , so he will walk into the light and forget all ungood habbits .In Jesus Holy Name and through bless intercession of Saint Monica , Amen
I will pray also
Hail Mary… Glory Be…Amen

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