For my son

Can I get a few prayers for my son? He is looking for employment. Thanks everyone!

I’ll offer my day of work (I work as a volunteer) for your son. And I’ll pray too. :slight_smile:

Absolutely - prayers for your son.

St. Joseph patron saint of workers, guide her son and pray that he find employment. Amen.

Prayers for your son. :gopray:

praying for him


yes you certainly can! i pray to St. Joseph that he intercedes on my behalf for your son that he finds suitable and gainful employment!

Saint Joseph, please intercede on my behalf for this family.

Thank you Father for hearing my prayers!

And i ask this in the name of Your most beloved Son, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.



:thumbsup: Praying!!!

St. Joseph, please help this young man

Your son is in my prayers…

Thanks everyone. I haven’t heard anything yet. He lives about 2 hours from me. Keep praying!



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