For my son's mental illness

My 18 year old son, Michael Patrick, has been hospitalized three times in 4 months with sudden onset bi-polar illness with schizophrenic symptoms. He is very devout and carries prayer cards for St Patrick and St Dymphna. His current hospitalization came about very turbulently, after a lot progress and recovery. This illness is like that - three steps forward, two steps back. I looked at his Bible last night. Job and the Beatitudes were bookmarked.

Please pray for his courage and recovery, and the preservation of his faith in time of trial. In particular, please remember him to these two saints that he reveres. Thank you.

Praying for Michael Patrick. :gopray2:

Wow, he sounds like such a good guy. I’ll pray the doctors get him on the right meds so he doesn’t have to suffer from this illness. St Elizabeth Ann Seton also had trouble with mental illness.

I’ll pray for his strength in suffering and for the intercession of the named saints.

Prayers for him to St Patrick and St Dymphna (and St Michael too for that matter)

Your dear son Michael Patrick has my ongoing prayers for recovery :signofcross:

:knight1: :signofcross: **Praying for your son **:crossrc: :knight1:

Praying to St. Rita of Cascia, patron of desperate/impossible causes…

:signofcross:…praying for Michael Patrick…:signofcross:


That is my brothers name. Prayers for you both, Tim:gopray:


I’m praying for your son, your family, and the Dr’s who are treating him.

Praying for your son.

i pray for your son’s recovery.

Your son sets a very moving and edifying example. I will pray to St. Patrick and St. Dymphna for him.

Praying for your dear son’s recovery and for his continued steadfastness in his faith.:gopray: :signofcross:

I know the pain of watching a son suffer. My prayers are with you and I will ask for special intercessions from St. Michael and St. Patrick, his namesakes. God bless you and may you feel the strength of those loving arms when you are so tired and scared you can’t think how you can bear more. But you will and you can and I pray you experience the comfort and peace our prayers will bring you and your son.

I am so grateful for all these responses. Michael and I spoke today and he sounded very “organized,” as they say in the biz, especially compared to when he went in last week.

I’ve had the privilege of being with him daily, most all day long, since this began. I’m self employed and have juggled and dropped work as needed to run point for him. Scary, like you pointed out, Sandra? Definitely. But I’m not kidding at all to say that the grace has been so supercharged that I hardly notice anything but the confluence of help, hope, and goodness.

There’s a story behind the story that some of you may like - this lad is a prime mover in my own ongoing conversion. My wife and I brought up 4 kids in an absolutely Universalist/Interfaith environment, and have always considered our life and marriage sacred, but when he hit 16 (after a few years that would have made St Augustine blush) he announced he wanted to be Roman Catholic: :eek: :confused: :shrug: :hmmm: - our reactions went something like that. But we certainly supported him, drove him to RCIA (too old for CDC), and anything else that was needed. I will admit we already knew St John of the Cross, Blessed Julian of Norwich, the ever controversial Meister Eckhart - all favored sources of inspiration - but taking him to church started working me into a new place, as did the obvious sincerity of his unblinking faith… now I’m starting RCIA in September myself. So this is my buddy, my kid, and my spiritual mentor we’re praying for!

What a beautiful story, brought me to tears. Will send another prayer up for your son and your family. God will see you through this. He gives us all unique journeys, I am always amazed at this.

Peace to you!

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