for my soul


Please pray for me. My name is Eric. I’ve been in a constant battle with sin against chastity since coming into the Church. Please ask our Lord to have mercy on me.

If even one person reading this says a short prayer for me, it will mean a lot to me. I don’t think I would have the courage to ask anyone to do this in person.


praying! When you feel temptation, start saying these words, and say it as soon as you feel tempted, and even then, make a habit of saying these words daily and as soon as you feel a temptation, these words will immediately come to mind: Jesus I trust in You!



i am praying for you Eric. If you need to talk or just vent please PM me. God is an understanding God, a loving God and Merciful God. He loves you very much Eric!:console:



You are not alone with temptation, the devil is always making trouble.:frowning:

I will pray that God, your Heavenly Father. will give you grace to be strong to fight the battle.

When you feel you are slipping into sin, picture Jesus on the cross.



I will pray for you. As one person suggested already, pray unceasingly.

You may also consider readings meant to increase on power in chastity. Theology Of the Body, Love and Responsability, Pure Hearts, Christopher West, etc…



Keeping you in my prayers Eric. :gopray:


I pray that the Lord will give you strength to combat this weakness, and that the Holy Spirit will help you in your time of weakness.


I am praying for you:byzsoc:


Praying for you, Eric.



Praying for you. :slight_smile:




As someone who has made, with God’s grace, great progress in the battle to be chaste, I am praying for you :gopray2:

Of course, like an addict or cancer sufferer, I would hesitate to say the battle is over.

One thing that helps is to simply switch off the tv and most other secular media, for the most part. Even the news sometimes focuses too much on the lovelives of celebrities, which can give rise to the thought that ‘everyone’s doing it’. They’re not, and if they are they shouldn’t be!

Try to be aware of the situations that tempt you and avoid them as much as possible, or arm yourself with prayer beforehand, during and after.

And very frequent (weekly or more than weekly if necessary and if it’s available to you) confession, and Mass as many days as you can attend.


Will offer this up at my next rosary


Will keep you in prayer Eric and in Confession if you do mention sin(s) against Chastity, please do tell Father that you put up a fight and are having great difficulty…the Graces of Confession for strength of soul are tremendous as are the words of advice/consolation Father would share with you.

Keeping you in prayer…
Our Lady, Queen of Holy Purity,
please pray for Eric and strengthen him in temptation


Dear Eric - my prayers are with you. Place all your trust in the Lord.


You have my prayers…


Praying for you…:gopray2:


May God give you the strength to overcome!!


Praying for you!

~~ the phoenix


I’m praying for you.:crossrc:

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