For my student...


I’m a nurse and take care of a special needs student for our summer program. MS is my student…there are not too many kids she can call her friends because they view her as so different (she has prune belly syndrome and requires a trach). She normally deals with questions well and is a very bright child but today a boy asked why she “had that thing in her neck” and when told it helps her to breath he said “ewww” and made a face. She did well but I know it hurts her. And it hurts my heart for her. Please keep her in your prayers that she deals well with this because she will have these types of questions and responses the rest of her life. Thank you!


I’ll be praying for her. :gopray2:


Thank you!


I will be glad to pray for her, and for all who meet her to be kind and gentle towards her. :hug1:


Prayers for all children who are children of God and gifts to all mankind. Even the ones who say “ewww” and don’t know better - may they (and their parents) be enlightened in their hearts and manners.


Praying for her and the other children. I’m a sped teacher, and I’ve also witnessed first hand what other people’s comments can do to these children.


She is in my prayers!


My prayers for your student.


I will pray for your student.


It is so sad to hear such a thing happen, I will pray for your student


:gopray2:prayers for your student…:gopray2:


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