For my teenage brother who is in the hospital


Please pray for my family and my brother. He got alcohol poisoning last night while drinking with his friend at my parents’ house. My mom was out helping an elderly couple she helps every night, and my dad was sound asleep. My mom came home and found them vomitting and knew what was happening right away (she’s a nurse). I guess my brother almost died - he was having seizures on the way to the hospital. He’s in the ICU now and is okay, but had a close call.

My mom said she was talking to him while he was intoxicated last night and he said he feels there is darkness all around him and that he feels connected to no one. He’s been going to therapy with a wonderful Catholic therapist for several months now because he claimed he was bi-sexual. My mom asked him if he was gay and he said no, that he knew now that it was a decision. He told my mom that this therapist explained more to him about the Theology of the Body and he now grasps it. He said he feels he has a calling to the priesthood, but is scared which is one of the reasons why he’s been turning completely away. He told her he knows of the drug dealers in our area and has given cocaine to his friends, although not taken any himself.

I feel like the devil is just attacking him full force. Please pray for him, his recovery, and that he changes his ways. This has been really hard on my parents because he is so stubborn and even though has been rebellious to a point, he only just started getting into this bad stuff. Thanks so much!


May Saint Michael the Archangel defend your brother from these powers of evil that seem to be surrounding him. He is in my prayers.


Your brother has my prayers, as well.


Prayers going up.


It certainly does sound like your brother is under attack. :frowning: I will pray for him and your entire family.


Thanks so much for all your prayers! They definitely helped :). My brother is now out of the hospital and told my parents he never wants to have another drink again. I’m not sure what exactly is going to happen, but he’s still going to be going to therapy as he has been.

He told my mom that he knew he could do great things with his life, and I believe he will. He’s a natural-born leader and he sought out all this bad stuff, rather than going with the “cool crowd” and being dragged in. That gives me more hope that he will not turn to this again.

Anyway, thanks again for your prayers :). He has a long way to go, but I know sometimes you have to fall completely to the ground before you’ll realize you need to change and follow God.


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