For my uncles' health


Prayers needed for two of my uncles (and families):

My mom’s younger brother, who is in the terminal stages of lung disease that is a complication from rheumatoid arthritis. He is not able to meet the criteria for a transplant and would not likely survive the surgery, so he has opted to take meds that will keep him comfortable for as long as possible. We don’t know if that is a matter of a few months or a couple of years, as he has really taken a swift downturn since Christmas. Please pray for my aunt, my cousins (their children), their three grandsons, and my mom and her siblings as they deal with the knowledge that the youngest of the seven siblings is likely to pass away first. My mom is having a really rough time, as she and my uncle are only 14 months apart and thus were constant companions as children.

My parents’ brother-in-law (dad’s older sister’s husband), who was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. When the surgeon went to remove the prostate, another mass was found, which was biopsied. We’re hoping for the best as the results on the second mass have not yet come back. Please also pray for my aunt, who is crippled by her own bout with rheumatoid arthritis, their children and grandchildren. This situation is compounded by the fact that my aunt and uncle are taking care of three of their grandkids due to my cousin’s health issues. Hopefully she will soon be well enough to resume care of her boys.


will pray for them


Praying for both your uncles and your whole family at this difficult time. :signofcross:


Offering prayers for you and your loved ones at this most difficult time. :crossrc::crossrc:


I will offer up prayers for your uncles and their families at the Adoration Chapel.




Update: I spoke with my mother yesterday. My uncle with prostate cancer is doing well, the second mass is not cancer and the doctors are optimistic about his treatment. My uncle with arthritic lung disease is able to do some physical therapy, and is currently feeling well enough to get out of the house and visit relatives. He and my aunt spent Saturday night with my parents, and he apparently was in good spirits, ate a lot, and talked so much that my aunt had to remind him that he was making himself get out of breath. It did my mom a world of good to see that her little brother wasn’t giving up.

Thanks to all of you. You are all amazing, and your prayers have availed much. Praise God!


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