For my very sick Baby great grandaughter

Ireland Eve ( 2months old) is being Life Flighted to Children’s Hospital. No idea what is wrong but she is seriously ill, 104 fever and lethargic.The emergency clinic decided it is wayyy serious!

Man - I will pray hard for Ireland. You must be out of your mind with worry.

I’m praying for her, and sending her name for prayer requests.

Praying now, dear. Please keep us posted.

Thank you all. It’s going to be a long night. They are doing a spinal tap right now. They are testing for meningitis

This is a picture from Christmas of Ireland and her sissy…Grace.

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Irelands spinal showed no infection…more tests today.

Oh, Thank God it wasn’t that, I’ve sent her name and picture to all my prayerful friends and family and asked them to pray for her, I’ve been thinking of and praying for her and you since I first saw your request for prayer.

I will keep the little one in my thoughts and prayers…


We are not out of the woods yet…but,:slight_smile:

She is still a bit fussy tonight, but the fever is down. She ate a few oz tonight, and even smiled a little. They are watching to see if the fever spikes again. If it does, they will do another blood test then. None of the test results or scans results are back yet. But at least she isn’t totally miserable tonight. If the fever stays down through tomorrow, she may be able to go home tomorrow night.

Thank you for the updates. I’m still praying.

Thank you. No changes to report yet today, but I know God is listening.

Test results are in. She has a UTI. Fever is normal now, and if it stays normal through 5:00 tonight, she can come home tonight or in the morning.

Thank you for all of your prayers.

Thanks be that the problem’s been diagnosed. Prayers for a quick recovery. :gopray2:

Yippee!!! Praise God.

I’ll second that!:slight_smile: :blessyou:

I’ll third that!!!

Any updates on the little mite? Did she get to come home?

I am a bit late for all of this Marie…but…may God continue to watch over her. May Our Lady embrace Ireland also…Prayers here indeed!

:smiley: Yes, she is home today and doing very well. Almost back to her sweet smiling little self. :thumbsup:

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