For my wife!


Hello all,

Please pray for my wife. She is having a bad flare up of her gout. She has been in severe pain since Friday and can hardly walk. The problem does not stop there either. She cannot take any medication. The medication for gout is a medicine that stops DNA/RNA resynthesis… and is not safe in pregnancy. Many of you may know that my wife and I have had infertility problems for 2 years and have been trying Catholic friendly treatments and are waiting of the results on the last trial. So we do not know if she is pregnant, but are not willing to risk it. Please pray for her and for me to have compassion and patience with her.



Praying :signofcross: I suggest you seek the intercession of St. Raphael.


I pray for her comfort, that the Lord might be there to help her and give her strength to do her work each day.






Prayers for your wife and for you, and that your avoidance of the medication is not in vain!


I’ll be praying for your wife.


An update - prayers answered!

Hello all,

Thank you so much for your prayers. My wife found out that there is something in cherries that helps with gout and she decided to try cherry juice concentrate and cherries to solve the problem. I thank you for all your prayers - probably how we found an alternative to the “nasty” drugs that can cause major problems for children in womb even after weeks of having taken the meds. She is much better today. She can walk with minimal assistance.

I pray to God and thank him for the blessing of having all of you to turn to for prayers.





I will pray too…


Diet makes a big difference in gout!! If you don’t have a recent list of what foods to avoid then get one online or from your doctor ASAP!! Praying for her now…


Praying for your wife and you…


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