For my wife's chronic pain and Abby's health after an accident


My wife had a accident at work and has been in chronic pain for quite some time. She is not one to sit around, so she went back to work way to early and hasn’t had time to heal. Please keep her in your prayers. Also a young high school girl who is a niece of a brother in Christ was seriously hurt in a auto accident please keep “abby” in your prayers as well. Thank you all and may God bless you all.


Will pray for both of them.

God Bless You


Your wife and “abby” are in mine and my dear Angel’s prayers!
I’ve also gone through some tough times dealing with mulitple chronic diseases, but as long as I put all my trust in GOD I know everything will be okay!
GOD bless!!! :smiley:


Your wife and Abby are in my prayer. God bless!


:byzsoc: :gopray2:


Prayers offered for your wife’s pain and for Abby. May comfort be theirs soon through God’s grace and mercy.


Your wife and Abby are in my prayers.




Praying for them both.


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