For Nancy, who is grieving


She has lost so much and is now under psychiatric care, but her grief overwhelms her at times. Please pray for her healing and that she finds the strength to stand up again.


Almighty God,
from whom all thoughts of truth and peace proceed,
kindle in the hearts of all men the true love of peace,
and guide with Your pure and peaceable wisdom
those who make decisions for the nations of the earth;
that in tranquility Your kingdom may go forward,
till the earth be filled with the knowledge of Your love;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.



:gopray2: :signofcross:


Heavenly Father, physician of our souls and bodies, Who have sent Your only-begotten Son and our Lord Jesus Christ to heal every sickness and infirmity, visit and heal also Your servant Nancy from all physical and spiritual ailments through the grace of Your Christ. Grant her patience in this sickness, strength of body and spirit, and recovery of health. Lord, You have taught us through Your word to pray for each other that we may be healed. I pray, heal Your handmaiden and grant to her the gift of complete health. For You are the source of healing and to You I give glory, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen.


* and loving Father, I thank you for giving St. Rita of Cascia to us as a most appealing model and powerful friend and an exemplary wife and religious… By her example, she showed us how to love and trust you. You have showered many blessings on those who call upon her. For your greater glory and our welfare, please grant the favors which I ask in her name. *
And you, my powerful patron, intercede for Nancy before the throne of God. Draw near to that throne and do not leave it until you have been heard. O good saint, to you I address our feverant prayers; graciously accept them and ask God that Nancy will experience in some way the effects of your powerful intercession. Amen.


I’ll be praying for Nancy. :gopray:



[FONT=Arial]Hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with thee blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death amen.[/FONT]


Lord Jesus Christ, You have willed that St. Dymphna should be invoked by thousands of clients as the patroness of nervous and mental disease and have brought it about that her interest in these patients should be an inspiration to and an ideal of charity throughout the world. Grant that, through the prayers of this youthful martyr of purity, those who suffer from nervous and mental illness everywhere on earth may be helped and consoled. I recommend to You in particular, Nancy
Be pleased to hear the prayers of St. Dymphna and of Your Blessed Mother. Give those whom I recommend the patience to bear with their affliction and resignation to do Your divine will. Give them the consolation they need and especially the cure they so much desire, if it be Your will. Through Christ, Our Lord. Amen.






Nancy has my prayers!


Prayers for Nancy…


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