For Non-Catholics - Cloistered/Monastic Vocations

Lutherans and Anglicans do have some religious order communities although not nearly as well-known as the Catholic and Orthodox ones. My question:

*]If your faith tradition supported these vocations, would you consider it for yourself?

This thought came to mind as I reflected on my mom’s statement when we visited the Cathedral in Cologne Germany and spent some time in prayer there. We had been kneeling at a side altar for some time, and Mom whispered “I wish I could spend the rest of my life in constant prayer.”

Of course she can do so in her home if she wishes to, but it seems easier to focus purely on prayer when you vow to accept it as your purpose in life. Thoughts?

Comments from my Catholic brothers and sisters are welcome, of course!

I certainly have nothing against the monastic life for Anglicans and do wish we had more religious orders in the Anglican tradition. However, I do not think this is something that I myself am called to. I’ve spent time at a Benedictine Monastery near my home (just for a weekend in prayer) and I had a very peaceful and spiritually healing time. However, it is not something I could do for my whole life.

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