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I was handed a copy of a web page the other day regarding the OATH for The Knights of Columbus and the Jesuits.When I ran a search on google it also showed pages stating that the jesuits are responsible for the sinking of the Titanic and the assasination of Lincoln.

Please do not use this thread to pile on negative comments.

For people that are familiar with what I’m refering to and believe it to be the TRUTH;

I am sincerly curious as to WHY You believe this to be TRUE and what made You believe this?

I am curious


What website is THIS???


Sorry I should have included this info.

Knights of Columbus Jesuits




2 of the 3 links I posted will not conect but if You Google the jesuits oath many similar pages will appear


I’m sorry. I broke the rules. I’m Catholic and I peeked in. Please forgive me.


These two don’t work. (But you already knew that, lol.)

This has about as much truth as the DaVinci Code. How people can write such bogus garbage astounds me.

By the way, I am a Knight of Columbus. :cool:


Just from your descriptions they sound to be your garden-variety crazy conspiracy theories. They’ve existed for centuries, probably millennia, but with the advent of the internet any looney with a keyboard can have a virtual soapbox to spread the Unquestionable Truth. (warning – strong and very crazy language) is the standard to which all nutball sites are held (and usually found wanting) :slight_smile:


I was really hoping to find someone who believed this stuff to see why.


I don’t think you’re going to find too many people who believe the Jesuits are that evil hanging around here. Perhaps take it to a Protestant discussion board?


I can’t pull these links up. :frowning:


Google a search on knights of columbus oath or jesuits oath


Usually the people who come up with this sort of thing (and distribute pamphlets, write websites, etc) are unhinged people working on their own – like Gene Ray, who runs the TimeCube site I linked.

However, if you want a good look at someone who not only is not working alone, but has made a huge business out of promoting exactly the sort of bizarre conspiracy theories you brought up, look no further than Jack Chick. He’s a born-again, Rapture-ready Fundamentalist who’s been publishing tracts for decades on a huge variety of crazy subjects. Here’s a few:

  • the Vatican has a secret supercomputer which stores the name of every true bible-believing Christian so they can be murdered when the Catholics take over the world
  • Catholicism is actually based on ancient Egyptian worship of the Sun god Ra
  • so-called ‘Christian’ rock music is directly inspired by the devil
  • tabletop roleplaying games are manuals and introductory material to actual witchcraft, and the spells cast in Dungeons and Dragons are commonly-used real spells (I think people would notice ‘fireball’ or ‘magic missile’ being flung around)


Ok. That worked. Thanks! :thumbsup:


Glad I could be of help.

What were your thoughts about it?


The same as my thoughts on alot of things I don’t understand or agree with:
“to each his own”

I know that doesn’t help answer your question but that’s my take on it. :slight_smile:


I scanned a number of these sites and they are entirely ludicrous:( ! Jack Chick is certainly an anti-Catholic, Fundamental Protestant who would bicker with even most Protestants! He as much as says: “No salvation for Roman Catholics…” Ouch! I guess I’m damned to hell by his authoritative interpretation:D ! He gets a lot of Roman teachings incorrect as well.

As for Timecube, I felt like I was purposefully being “hynotised” by the large print and colors and non-sensicle blabber. The Lincoln theory has no basis for belief among those who have :twocents: . He speaks of distributing his literature to elementary school kids; tantamount to playing with their minds! “Get um while their young!” I think neo-Nazis and the KKK use similar methods…Oh well, so much for free speech;) !

Extra prayers and petitions,


To be fair, the Jesuits are big on ‘get em while they’re young’ too :wink:

The internet is full of crazies. There’s no more call to pay attention to Jack Chick than there is to pay attention to Gene Ray or R. S. Tolley – except maybe for the fact that Chick’s actually in print and has followers.



Believe in the Bible…everything else is potential lies


Care to ellaborate a bit?

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