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As a student of both French and Norwegian languages, I have been asking myself why an apostolate such as Catholic Answers is so America-focused and not doing translations of the wonderful books and other media into other major world languages. I would think that this would be a great aid to the church especially in Europe where church attendance is abysmal and obedience to the faith is almost non-existant?

While I can’t be sure, I’d imagine that you’d find Catholic forums in other languages too. As for why this forum would be America-centric, it’s a simple matter of history. America is the largest English speaking country and Britain is Anglican, hence it’s not going to be a major source of Catholics. America, founded by England, wouldn’t have many Catholics if it weren’t for the immigration from Europe and Latin America brining in Catholics. Hence an English-speaking Catholic is most likely to be US-based.

And if you’ve got an English speaking group, how is it going to benefit people when it doesn’t know their language? I’m sure there are also writers and groups in other places for the devout there. One group can only do so much.

A brief history of the beginnings of Catholic Answers can be found here.

Catholic Answers does publish some material in Spanish. My guess is that Catholic Answers simply lacks the financial support needed to professionally translate more material into other languages.

I understand your concern. Have you wondered how you can help?

We are all called to preach the Gospel… your concern could be a Call by the Holy Spirit to not only put a fire under the Church but to became an active member; you could spearhead a movement to create a multi-language/cultural platform.

Since I have no financial means and I am not a linguist I would only be able to contribute by assisting in the implementation (typesetting, etc.).

Maran atha!


I wonder if catholic parishes that specialize in other languages in different parts of the world wouldn’t mind helping to translate the 120 or so tracts we have here into their languages. I’ve been really pondering on this for a while. I think it would be a really great idea :slight_smile:

It is up to any given organization to define to scope and limits of its target audience and objectives. Perhaps Catholic Answers, given its resources available as a non-profit, can support only English and Spanish-speaking North American apostolates and no more.

Or maybe it has no volunteers who can do the huge translation work.

What I would prefer to hear, in addition to questions such as the OP, might include: “Might Catholic Answers benefit from me my French and Norwegian knowledge? Whom can I contact to volunteer?”

Otherwise, I would rather credit Catholic Answers for the good work it already CAN and IS doing, and not complain for what it CAN’T.

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