For now or until the end of the world?

when you pray…(for example for priests)…do you just pray for all the priests in the world…or do you pray for all priests until the end of the world

my question therefore is do you just pray for those who are here on earth or in purgatory right now…or do you “extend” your prayers by offering them for whatever intention until the end of the world…

does that mean that those who will live long after we have left this earth (and also those in purgatory) could benefit from these prayers offered so long before they were even born…simply because they was offered until the end of the world

in a way it is a lovely thought because we don’t know what the future holds and the thought that our prayers could help people long after we have gone is a nice one…

what do you all think


What is it? …Sufficient for a day is its own evil. It’s good that you are considerate, but take care not to worry. Tim

I’d like to add another thought to the thread on God and Time.
Since to God, time - past, future, and present - can be laid out right in front of Him, our prayers might be answered for things which will be happening as well as things already happened.

I wonder if I made any sense, but the bottom line is that we pray and God answers in His own time which is again - past, future, and present can all be happening right in front of him at the same moment.

I hope my confusion is not yours. :blush: :smiley:

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