For one of my pets


I’m not sure if I’m allowed to ask people to pray for a sick pet (I’m still a new Catholic). I have a pet rat named Wentworth. He’s having sever eye problems, and I think it might be a tumor behind the eye thats pushing. I’m taking him in to see the vet tomorrow and if it is indeed a tumor, then i will have to have him euthanised (he’s too old to go through any kind of surgery). I’ve had him sinse he was a baby and he’s truely a beloved pet and friend to me. I’m very worried, so if you guys could keep little ‘Wenty’ in your prays I’d really appreciate it. Thanks and God Bless.


yes, child_of_God85. We can pray for pets. Pets are God’s creatures too. You can ask St. Francis of Assisi for his intercession. He lovesss animals a lot.

The feast of St. Francis of Assisi is on October 4, we have a day to bring our pets to our parish to be blessed.

I keep your pet in my prayer tonight. I hope he will be better soon.

PS: “Why we bless animals?” -


also, you can visit this website - forums for people having pets - there are many people who have experiences about all kinds of pets there.


May Wenty recover soon and be spared any suffering. If he needs to be put down, may you be comforted by your fond memories of him and in knowing that Wenty is no longer in pain.


prayers for you & your pet…


St. Francis, please watch over Wentworth. :gopray:




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